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Size Weight Suggested weight
8 x 26 in 4.00 lbs max 200 lbs
9 x 30 in 4.30 lbs max 250 lbs
10 x 36 in 5.50 lbs max 300 lbs
Suggested weight limit is based on packed snow conditions. For off trail, reduce suggested weight by 25% or more to ensure better floatation.
For the regular hiker, this recreational snowshoe is ideal for beaten trails. Very robust, reliable, versatile and easy to use because of its partial rotation pivot system, this model is often used in commercial applications such as rental centres.

Technical Specs

Frame Standard - Aluminium T832 - 3/4" Ø
Decking TPR resists to -76° C (-105° F)
Pivot System «RU» Reinforced rubber strap
Binding TPR « Trio 2LR » - Toe box 3P
Crampon Tempered aluminum 13 teeth

Exclusive Features & Technologies

RU pivot
RU pivot
Aluminum Crampons
Aluminum Crampons