Faber snowshoes; a socially responsable purchase


In 2021, Groupe TAQ acquired Faber after several years of collaboration. This acquisition gives a significant boost to a company that has been an integral part of the Canadian landscape for over 150 years.

Groupe TAQ | Division Faber focuses on local production of high-quality snowshoes, working closely with local suppliers and offering inclusive employment. Your decision plays a key role in promoting inclusive employment. Currently, Groupe TAQ offers permanent, quality and stable employment to 450 people, 350 of whom live with a disability.

Canadian manufacturer

A snowshoe manufacturer since 1870, Faber offers a wide range of snowshoes for snowshoers across North America and beyond. From our high-tech snowshoes to accessories and harnesses for this winter sport, every snowshoer, from sportsman to professional, will find a model to suit his or her needs and requirements.

With over 150 years of experience in snowshoe manufacturing, Faber has developed a complete range of products and a production capacity that makes it one of the world's leading producers.

The quality of our products, our experienced workforce and our specialized equipment are the key to our success! We invest every year in research and development, enabling us to constantly improve our snowshoes to meet the evolving needs of snowshoers. Our patented S-Line and Wing Traction Decking (WTD) snowshoes, Arcatech frames and DS pivot system are the fruit of these efforts.

Our story

1870 Faber & co. is founded by Noé Sioui & Céline Gros-Louis
1949 "Faber" trademark registration
1987 Taken over by Guy et Richard Faber, the 4th generation to run the company
1998 Aluminium snowshoes debut
2008 Development of the patented Wing Traction Decking (WTD) on hybrid snowshoes
2016 Launch of the S-Line sliding-step snowshoe
2017 The beginning of Groupe TAQ and Faber's partnership
2021 Acquisition of Faber by Groupe TAQ and the creation of Groupe TAQ | Faber Division

Faber's Factory - 1944

Groupe TAQ | Faber Division - 2023