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Conventional decking snowshoes

Durable, robust and incredibly versatile, our conventional decking snowshoes are reliable choices for all types of snowshoers. Their closed frames and versatile decking offer a variety of shapes to suit every need, whether for recreational or utility use.

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Wing traction decking snowshoes

Unique to Faber, our wing traction decking snowshoes offer incredible lightness thanks to their open decking, without sacrificing rigidity. The angled wings offer optimal traction, providing an extra crampon effect without adding weight.

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Sliding step snowshoes

Imagine the perfect fusion of snowshoe and ski - that's what you get with our sliding-step snowshoes. They offer a sliding sensation on flat surfaces and a sense of excitement on descents. What's more, their traction system and removable, reversible skins make for easy ascent and descent.

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Factors to consider when choosing your snowshoes

Weight: The heavier your weight, the larger the snowshoe surface you'll need to distribute your weight on the snow. Please check out our size charts for more details.

Use: Snowshoes are designed for different types of activity, from leisurely to more intense hikes . Make sure you choose the right model for your intended activity.

Type of terrain: The choice of snowshoes also depends on the type of terrain you plan to cover. Flat, open terrain, hilly terrain and steep terrain require different types of snowshoes.

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