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An excellent choice for those who want a multipurpose, light and durable snowshoe. This model is well rounded for all types of terrain and snow conditions. The “WTD+” decking, with its traction wings, offers optimal grip with no weight added. The 3 position heel lifter and aluminum crampons will provide superior traction while going uphill. The free rotation pivot and its limiter makes each step effortless. The binding with light weight “Zenith” buckles increases comfort and provides great control.


Care & Maintenance

Aluminum snowshoes are practically maintenance free.

  • After each use, the pivot and ratchet systems need to be inspected for accumulated dirt and debris. Clean if necessary.
  • They should be stored in a cool dry space, sheltered from the sun.
  • 3 year warranty

Technical Specs

Frame «U» shape - Powder coated Aluminium T832 - 3/4" Ø
Decking Copolymer «WTD+»
Pivot System «SP» - 70° blocker
Binding TPR «Quattro 3ZE» - Concave toe box
Crampon Aluminum 15 teeth

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