Mountain Master | Trail & Off-Trail Snowshoes

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This highly reliable expedition snowshoe is designed to perform under extreme mountaineering conditions. Its “Arcatech” frame, double suspension pivot system and very aggressive crampons will let you master every type of rough terrain. The 360° binding is equipped with a 3 ratchet buckle system for a more comfortable and tighter fit. The foot and heel plates are made of double density anti-slip material that offer unparalleled comfort and control. The heel lifter will greatly help reduce the strain on your calves and facilitate your ascension on steep hills. This high-tech and high traction snowshoe will perform reliably in all types of conditions.

Care & Maintenance

Aluminum snowshoes are practically maintenance free.

  • After each use, the pivot and ratchet systems need to be inspected for accumulated dirt and debris. Clean if necessary.
  • They should be stored in a cool dry space, sheltered from the sun.
  • 5 year warranty

Technical Specs

Frame Arcatech - Powder coated Aluminum T832 - 3/4" Ø
Decking TPR resists to -76° C (-105° F)
Pivot System «DS» - 70° blocker
Binding TPR «Quattro R 360» - Toe box 360°
Crampon Powder coated stainless steel 17 teeth

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