Today we are diving into the unexpected relationship between showshoeing and social change. Who knew buying a pair of snowshoes would one day also help you to make a REAL difference. 

Did you know that Faber Snowshoes is owned by Groupe TAQ, a social enterprise that provides quality jobs to people who live with disabilities. Yes, you heard that right; Faber snowshoes are made by skilled individuals who live with functional limitations in our Quebec city facility! 

The story of Groupe TAQ and Faber is a story of social change, often overlooked but profound in its impact. 

Have you ever thought that by buying a pair of snowshoes you could extend your footprints beyond the snowy trails? Because by buying a pair of Faber snowshoes, you are playing your part in a cause that is bigger than all of us. 

By choosing Faber snowshoes, not only are you choosing quality, durability and patented technologies you are also choosing to make an impact by helping us  provide good jobs to people to people who live with disabilities.