Elongated Bear Paw

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Model Size Weight Suggested weight
27 10 x 30 in aprox. 4.00 lbs 100 - 200 lbs
28 10 x 36 in aprox. 4.50 lbs 125 - 250 lbs
29 11 x 40 in aprox. 5.50 lbs 150 - 300 lbs

Built with two tightly fit cross-bars tenons, the Elongated Bear Paw is narrower but longer than the original bear paw. This snowshoe lacks a tail, easing backward steps and facilitate turning around obstacles. This type of snowshoe is recommended for use on trails and in mountains. The heavy duty lacing is ideal for spring time conditions and wet snow.

Also called: Green Mountain or otter

NOTICE- Traditional snowshoes are sold without bindings.

Technical Specs

Frame Traditionnal - Wood
Lacing Heavy Duty - Full Grain
Binding Non included
Crampon Non available